It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

It’s December (already!) and we couldn’t be more excited. This month reminds us to spend time with family, making memories together and being intentional. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate family and the holidays than at FunQuest!

FunQuest, located in Lynchburg, VA, has a something fun for everyone (yes, even the “big” kids!).

We hope you will join us this holiday season!

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When Exercise Is Fun

Since the early 1900’s, roller skating has been an enjoyable form of rsa-infographicfamily entertainment and exercise.  As a cardio workout that doesn’t put stress on your joints, it’s attractive to those who practice physical fitness. Aside from accidents that happen at high speeds, skating is fairly safe and provides several health benefits. FunQuest Family Entertainment Center can help you achieve and perhaps even increase your fitness goals.

Use a Variety of Muscles

Roller skating utilizes different parts of your body. Not only do your legs getting a workout, your arms are used to maintain your balance. Skating particularly builds strength in the lower body — building strength in your ankles, feet, knees, legs, hips and thighs.  Skating also engages the abdomen, hamstrings and muscles in the lower back.

An Aerobic Workout

The calories burned from roller skating, just like aerobics, are in the triple digits. Even at a moderate speed, skating can rival the effects of an aerobic workout. The combination of diet and skating, just a few hours each week, will encourage weight loss.

Healthy for the Heart

Roller skating is considered to be an effective aerobic exercise by the American Heart Association. Skating at moderate speeds can increase your heart rate to levels that improve blood flow and aid in weight loss.

Lifts Your Mood

One of the most noticeable benefits of roller skating is its ability to lift your mood. The combination of motion and listening to music helps raise energy and relieves depression. Feeling much like a carnival ride, skating provides a rush of adrenaline. Skating at a roller rink requires staying alert — it’s good exercise for the brain, too.

Alternative to Running

Roller skating is an attractive alternative to running — it doesn’t place stress on your joints. Which activity is more fun — burning 200 calories skating for half an hour or running for 10 minutes?

Fun Field Trips at FunQuest

Want to keep kids active, engaged, and having a ball? Parents and educators, listen up. FunQuest is dedicated to making learning and exercise exciting. Plan a school field trip with FunQuest Family Entertainment Center. STEM FunQuest

FunQuest Field Trips

Looking for a fun, educational trip to keep kids learning and having fun? A field trip at FunQuest is just the ticket! We tailor our skating and science presentation to the age and education-level of each group of kids, so whether you’re teaching middle school scholars or excitable 8 year olds, they’ll leave with a head full of knowledge. Our science and fitness field trips include an interactive, educational aspects that excite students and adults alike.

School’s Out, Skating is In!

School’s out on Wednesday, October 19th for Lynchburg City Schools Fall Break, and we will be open from 12:00noon until 6:00pm! (And keep in mind our November special open days, too!)


October is National Roller Skating Month!

Are you ready to explore our state of the art skating floor for the most anticipated month of the year? No, we don’t mean Halloween; October is National Roller Skating month, and FunQuest is taking full advantage of the occasion by rolling out events that will keep you skating smooth all month long.

Monthly Skating Calendar

FunQuest has a full calendar of roller skating events! Skate by on Mondays for “Monday Madness”, when we have $1.99 Attractions & Skate Rental or celebrate on Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00-8:30pm, we are offering free skating attraction!

Use National Roller Skating month as an excuse to show off your sweet skating moves, and enjoy the clean, fun, and family-friendly atmosphere at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA.

Special Skating Events

Christian Music Skate Nights are BACK!

Christian fellowship isn’t just for Sundays. Here at FunQuest, we strive to create a safe, wholesome atmosphere where Lynchburg’s youth can enjoy fun and freedom with their church families. Church groups love our seasonal Christian Skate Nights and the fellowship of skating during our normal summer hours. Now youth groups have more opportunities than ever to celebrate Christ’s love, Christian fellowship, and the ability He gave them to move their feet! We’re pleased to announce monthly Christian Skate Night at FunQuest Family Entertainment Center2016-chrisitan-fundraiser-flyer

Christian Skate Nights

End your evening right with soulful gospel music, contemporary Christian tunes, and godly lyrics. Every first Tuesday until May, you and your family can enjoy Christian music skating from 4:00pm – 8:30pm. Fellowship with old church friends and connect with new brothers and sisters in Christ as you glide around the roller-skating floor, munch on snacks from the concession stand, and buy sleek new swag from the Stuff Shop. Perfect for youth group trips, moms looking for wholesome entertainment, or adult Bible study groups who want a new adventure.

Private Parties for Church Groups

Roller-skating is a great way to minister, to teach kids about grace, or to enjoy a night of fellowship with your church family. Book a private event skating party for an unforgettable night of Christian fun. Our low church group and fundraiser prices make it easy to share fellowship and show love at your own Christian skating event.

Call FunQuest to learn more about our Christian skating sessions, youth group events, and special church group rates.

Roller Skating and The Brain

The cold weather, new information, and long wait until fall break are enough to dishearten even the most studious learner. But have no fear! FunQuest is here to rev up Lynchburg kids for a whole school year of learning. brain food

Roller-Skating and the Brain

Did you know that study breaks—especially ones that involve physical activity—make you smarter? The relaxation allows kids’ brains to soak up the knowledge they’ve studied, while the exercise boosts healthy chemicals in the brain that increase cognitive function. Kids who are active do better on tests, spend more time on schoolwork, and learn better own their own. Roller skating is also an excellent way to reward hardworking kids. While they spend the their after school time zipping around to their favorite music, laughing with their friends, and spending quality time with parents and siblings, they’re also improving their physical and mental health.

FunQuest and Education

There’s a world of knowledge out there, and it’s fascinating! We’re committed to helping kids learn and grow, whether they’re in school, skating with their families, or attending a FunQuest Birthday Parties and STEM Field Trips. Our helpful staff is full of interesting, unusual facts about the science and history of roller-skating. We help kids from local schools learn about Newton’s Laws, inertia and velocity, cardiovascular health, and which muscles they’re engaging when they strap on a pair of roller-skates. We’re happy to share the wealth of knowledge with your kids. Stop by for our skating sessions or plan an educational field trip with your school. The practical application of their new cardio knowledge will help kids retain the information . . . and call the lesson fun!

Beat the school stress and reboot your kids’ brains at FunQuest!

Affordable Labor Day Fun at FunQuest!

Not going anywhere Labor Day weekend? No worries. We have loads of Lynchburg fun right here at FunQuest Family Entertainment Center.

Labor Day Weekend $4 Unlimited 2016

Labor Day is around the corner! Make your plans now with some $4 fun.

The Olympics & Roller Skating

Last June, it was announced that roller sports were among the eight contenders vying for a spot as a new event in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. This was exciting news considering ice skating has dominated the attention of fans for as long as many of us can remember. If you know about FunQuest, then you are no stranger to the world of roller skating, but the world of roller sports may be a little foreign to you. So, what is it? Roller sports are governed by the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS), and include (but not limited to) roller hockey, roller figure skating, speed skating and roller derby. olympics

In order to fully understand all that roller sports encompasses, we need to explore each of its disciplines.

What are these disciplines?

  • Rink and inline hockey – This type of hockey follows many of the same ideas as ice hockey, just on roller skates.
  • Roller figure skating – This is very similar to traditional figure skating on ice. It has the same premise; individuals, or teams, compete in a show of artistic dance and choreographed displays of skill. Judges then score you based on form, neatness and creativity.
  • Speed skating – Like the name says, the name of the game here is to be the fastest skater.
  • Roller derby – This is a contact sport in which two teams consisting of five members skate around a track in the same direction. Matches are won by having a designated “jammer” lap members of the other team. The other 4 members of each team attempt to hinder each others jammer in the process.

As the 2016 Olympic games began in Rio, we were upset to hear CNN report that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced they will be adding five new sports to the 2020 Olympic games but roller sports wasn’t one of them.

What do you think? Should roller sports be an Olympic sport?

Healthy Habits = Happy Life

From the moment you walk through the doors of FunQuest Family Entertainment Center, one thing is very apparent. The energy in the building is fun, energetic, and full of excitement! It’s no secret that FunQuest is a fun destination for kids to enjoy a special birthday or come play with friends, but it is also a great way for them to develop their social, physical, and mental skills. Healthy habits start at a young age. Teaching kids to include regular exercise in their daily routines is beneficial for them not only physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally as well. funquest

Health Benefits

When the days get warmer, the idea of playing outside is less appealing than staying comfortable in an air-conditioned house. The time spent playing outside decreases, while time spent inside in front of a screen increases. Don’t compromise your child’s playtime with screen time, bring the them to FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA where they are free to be wild in our entertainment center. Our roller skating rink is a great alternative to traditional cardiovascular exercises and helps to promote healthy practices for the future.

Expand your child’s social network

We host families from all over the local area, allowing your children to play and interact with others in their community. Build new relationships or spend time with old friends; playdates at FunQuest are the perfect way for your kids to visit with friends from school, while you catch up with the other moms. Whether you are new to the area, are a first time visitor or visit on a regular basis, we encourage all of our families to socialize and engage with one another.

Brain Power

Studies show that partaking in regular physical activity is a great way for kids to boost their brain’s cognitive functions. Skating, playing and laughing release endorphins that can help to relieve stress and help improve their focus and energy levels throughout the day.

Take a look at our schedule and join us!