Great Reasons to Buy Your Child Skates!

Skate Shop 2Is your child’s birthday around the corner? Have holiday wishlists been started? We have the perfect gift idea for you – Roller Skates! In today’s post, we will touch on a few wonderful reasons why roller skates are a great option for your child!

Roller Skating keeps you active!

With the number increasing daily on childhood obesity, encouraging your kids to be active is a must! Spending the money on a new pair of skates versus a video game could mean a difference in their overall health. Roller skating is proven to be a wonderful form of exercise which helps with toning muscles, burning calories and improving balance.

Roller Skating is a great way to meet friends and stay social!

Birthday parties, school events, weekend events or just skating around for fun! Roller skating is not only fun and active but it’s a timeless activity that helps keep your kids build relationships with other kids!

Roller Skating is so much fun at FunQuest!

Yes, roller skating keeps you active and social, but the most important reason to buy your child skates is because it’s a super FUN time! Here at FunQuest, we want your kids to have the best time possible and provide fun events, safe atmosphere and a great Skate Shop to purchase the skates your kids have been dreaming about!

We carry a complete line of traditional quad skates and inline blade skates! Visit our Skate Shop today! Be sure to follow along on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter!

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