Roller Skating Tips from FunQuest!

teens with funquest

FunQuest is the best place in Lynchburg,VA to go roller skating! Whether you are trying skating for the first time or you are a seasoned skater, everyone will have fun at our center!  We have put together a few tips to help you learn to roller skate:

Get in Gear!

Getting the right kind of gear is the first step in getting yourself ready for a fun time of skating. You have options for skates: Inline or quad skates. Both great option but we suggest that if you are a new roller skater to try the quad skates, it may make it a but easier! Sizing is key – make sure you get the right size or it will make your skating experience very uncomfortable.

New roller skater? That’s okay!

The first time skating can be scary but don’t worry, FunQuest suggests starting off next to a wall to help yourself balance and hold yourself up. We also have Skate Mates for inexperienced skaters. These are V-shaped PVC stands on wheels that you can hold in front of you to help you gain your balance and coordination while you learn to skate.

Keep your knees bent!

As humans, we instinctively want to lock our knees when skating and this only makes it harder. To help keep your balance and move seamlessly, make sure to bend your knees!

Don’t know how to roller skate? FunQuest has a learn to skate program for skaters of all ages and abilities. Be sure to follow along on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter!

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