Stay Fit In 2015 And Roller Skate


With another New Year, comes another round of New Year’s resolutions. If you’re planning on losing a few pounds this year or just getting more active, you might want to try a new approach this time around. A new exercise routine is exciting at first, but many of us burn out by the middle of January and stop going to the gym all together. Let’s face it, for most people exercise is boring. There’s only so many hours on a treadmill a human being can do before starting to lose it. But exercise doesn’t need to be boring! All you need is a new routine. Roller skating at FunQuest is an exciting, extremely effective method of exercise. Perfect for helping you meet your goals in the new year and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Great Cardio Alternative

Skating makes a great alternative to running and other traditional cardio exercises. Even with a moderate effort, you can get the same cardiovascular benefits from roller skating as you would from running or jogging. Better yet, roller skating is an extremely low impact cardio workout. This eases the stress on your joints, lessening the chance of injury and providing an alternative for people who cannot perform more high impact methods of exercise.

Build Strength

In addition to the amazing cardio benefits, roller skating is also a great way to build and improve your lower body strength. Thigh, hip, and calf muscles are all worked to move you forward. This helps to build strength, tone the lower body, and increase flexibility.

It’s Fun!

So skating is a great way to get your cardio workout in, lose some weight, and gain some strength, but did we mention it’s fun? Skating is what you make of it and can be done at your own pace. Whether you like a leisurely ride, or a challenging workout, roller skating is a great way to get it done. Its also a great activity to do with others, turning a routine exercise into a great time with your friends.

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