Top 3 Reasons to have your Birthday Party at FunQuest

Funquest glow roomHave a little one with a birthday coming up? Is he or she bugging you to throw a big party where ALL their friends can let loose, get silly, and just have fun? If your answer is yes, then a roller skating party is just the ticket! Keep reading for the top three reasons to have a roller skating birthday party for your prince or princess.

Reason Number One: It’s Fun!

Fun is no doubt the number one requirement on your child’s list of qualifications for good birthday parties. Scratch that – it’s the ONLY requirement on the list! A roller skating party offers more fun than you can pack into one night. Skating’s great for all ages, regardless of skill level. With skating rink games like Limbo and the Hokey Pokey, your kid and his friends won’t have even a slight chance to get bored!

Reason Number Two: It’s Healthy!

With so many video games, social media, and television smothering children these days, it’s nice to know there’s still an exciting activity that allows them to get some exercise. Roller skating is a great cardio workout, burning about 500 calories an hour. What’s even better? It doesn’t feel like a workout!

Reason Number Three: It’s Easy!

It may be third on this list, but simplicity is likely your number one criteria for a great party! Planning birthday parties is a source of stress for many parents. But when you have a roller skating party, the planning is minimal. Check out various packages offered by the skating rink and choose the one that best fits your needs. Then all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and let the party plan itself!

No matter your reason for throwing your little one a roller skating party, you’re sure to be pleased with the outcome. Book your party today and get ready for a rockin’ and rollin’ good time!

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