5 Tips to make you a great Laser Tag player

Laser tag is fun for all ages, especially at our bigger multi-story 3D blacklight laser tag arena in Lynchburg, VA! If you love laser tag and want to up your game and score more points, these laser tag tips can help you on your way to victory. Come to FunQuest to play a game any time, or schedule a laser tag party for you and your friends!Laser-Tag

1. Know the rules

Make sure you know the rules for playing, the rules for scoring, and the terminology. The basics are the same at most laser tag places, but pay attention to the rules of where you’re playing just in case.

2. Know the arena

Getting to know the layout of the arena will help you improve your game. If you learn the layout of the arena, you can plan strategies and find hiding places that allow you to defend your teammates as you move around the course.

3. Dress appropriately

Indoor arenas are often low-light environments. Wear dark clothing with no logos or bright colors. Whites and lighter colors will stand out in the black-light. The key is to see without being seen.

4. Don’t run

Move slowly and in a crouched position so that you don’t draw attention to yourself. The key is to stay hidden until the enemy is your sights. Have teammates watch your back and fire at an approaching enemy if necessary.

5. Communicate

Teamwork requires communication. Talk (quietly) to teammates or use hand signals to show which way you’re going.

At FunQuest Family Entertainment Center, we have Lynchburg’s largest indoor galactic arena. Our facility is equipped with state of the art sound, obstacles, and laser equipment.

Book a laser tag birthday party now to celebrate your special day or plan an awesome corporate outing at FunQuest. No matter the occasion, everyone is sure to have a blast! And remember, there are no video screens, or joysticks…you wear the equipment!  You are the game!

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