Uncomfortable Skates? Adjust the Laces!



Improperly fitting roller skates can be extremely frustrating, and if you are a beginner, it can bend that learning curve even more than it already was. But a skate that doesn’t fit quite right, doesn’t always mean that you selected the wrong size for your foot. While this is a very definite possibility, you may also just need to simply adjust the laces.  Like skates, feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes minor tweaks need to be made. FunQuest in Lynchburg, Virginia wants to see everyone in our rink having nothing less than a great time! So, follow these lacing tips if you are someone who is struggling with this.

  • High Arches? If you have really high arches that cause the tops of your feet to be raised a little higher than most, relieve that pressure. Roller skates are supposed to be a little snug, but not uncomfortable.
  • Is your heel slipping? If this is you, and you have been fitted for skates by someone who is knowledgable, try this lacing technique that will help alleviate this issue.
  • Toe problems? Let’s raise them up a bit! This particular lacing method will help to alleviate hammer toes, toe corn, nail problems and any other painful toes issues you might experience with your toes.

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