Reasons why Roller Skating is the Best Afternoon Activity

School is done for the day, the homework is completed or there was none at all. Your kid has nothing to do. The result of this is often a gravitation towards video games and other similar activities. If you find your child has no productive after school activities, there is a solution. Take them roller skating! Grabbing some rink time is a perfect alternative to video games and binge watching television. Here’s is why you should make FunQuest Family Entertainment Center your next after school destination!


Reasons Roller Skating is a Great After School Activity:

Great Exercise

Instead of being sedentary on the couch, let’s get up and get active! Roller skating is recommended by the American Heart Association as a great aerobic activity.

It’s Fun

Though most don’t think of exercise as being fun, roller skating is the perfect mix of both!


You might be thinking “This all sounds great so far, but isn’t it expensive?” No! Going to the rink is a very affordable and fun outing. This enjoyable evening out won’t break the bank!


Roller skating is a great way for your child to see current friends and make new ones! If you have made a recent move, hitting the rink might be a great way for your child to meet new friends.

Better Brain for School

Studies have shown that regular exercise is a great way to boost the brain’s cognitive function. Regular roller skating could lead to better school performance!

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