Birthdays on a Budget

FunQuest Family Entertainment Center is the best venue in Lynchburg, VA to hold your next birthday party! Why? Because it’s birthday party planning made easy! Even if you have a strict party budget, FunQuest can help you make the most of your birthday party with the following tips about planning birthdays on a budget.

8 Tips for Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget:

  1. Advanced Planning – When planning your event, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to do so in advance. Last minute plans generally cost more, just because you’re rushed to get things and don’t have time to bargain hunt for coupons or deals.
  2. Go Digital – Ditch the paper invites and go digital with electronic invites from a free site like Evite. While paper invites are nice, they are an unnecessary addition when working on a budget.
  3. Discount Stores – If you decide to make a goodie bag or need some themed decor for your party, check out your local thrift stores or dollar stores. You can stock up on a number of items without breaking the bank for your birthday party.
  4. Food – Sometimes you can avoid costly food and drink items by scheduling your party at odd times, i.e. not at lunch or dinner. If you must provide food, purchase it at bulk food stores like Costco. FunQuest provides food and drinks in all of our party packages; just another reason to book with us!
  5. Delegate – Delegate some party tasks to those you know to save money. Do you have a friend who is good at magic tricks or making balloon animals? Ask them to help! Don’t hire out when you know people who can help you.
  6. Baking – Have you ever noticed how homemade cakes can taste just as amazing as the store bought ones? Well, that’s because they are just as yummy, plus they are loads cheaper! Bake your own birthday treats to save some money. If you’re not good at baking refer to tip #5…find someone you know who is!

Let FunQuest take care of planning your next birthday party! We have the most awesome birthday party options in Lynchburg! Contact us today for more information about our birthday party packages.

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