Healthy Habits = Happy Life

From the moment you walk through the doors of FunQuest Family Entertainment Center, one thing is very apparent. The energy in the building is fun, energetic, and full of excitement! It’s no secret that FunQuest is a fun destination for kids to enjoy a special birthday or come play with friends, but it is also a great way for them to develop their social, physical, and mental skills. Healthy habits start at a young age. Teaching kids to include regular exercise in their daily routines is beneficial for them not only physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally as well. funquest

Health Benefits

When the days get warmer, the idea of playing outside is less appealing than staying comfortable in an air-conditioned house. The time spent playing outside decreases, while time spent inside in front of a screen increases. Don’t compromise your child’s playtime with screen time, bring the them to FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA where they are free to be wild in our entertainment center. Our roller skating rink is a great alternative to traditional cardiovascular exercises and helps to promote healthy practices for the future.

Expand your child’s social network

We host families from all over the local area, allowing your children to play and interact with others in their community. Build new relationships or spend time with old friends; playdates at FunQuest are the perfect way for your kids to visit with friends from school, while you catch up with the other moms. Whether you are new to the area, are a first time visitor or visit on a regular basis, we encourage all of our families to socialize and engage with one another.

Brain Power

Studies show that partaking in regular physical activity is a great way for kids to boost their brain’s cognitive functions. Skating, playing and laughing release endorphins that can help to relieve stress and help improve their focus and energy levels throughout the day.

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