Roller Skating and The Brain

The cold weather, new information, and long wait until fall break are enough to dishearten even the most studious learner. But have no fear! FunQuest is here to rev up Lynchburg kids for a whole school year of learning. brain food

Roller-Skating and the Brain

Did you know that study breaks—especially ones that involve physical activity—make you smarter? The relaxation allows kids’ brains to soak up the knowledge they’ve studied, while the exercise boosts healthy chemicals in the brain that increase cognitive function. Kids who are active do better on tests, spend more time on schoolwork, and learn better own their own. Roller skating is also an excellent way to reward hardworking kids. While they spend the their after school time zipping around to their favorite music, laughing with their friends, and spending quality time with parents and siblings, they’re also improving their physical and mental health.

FunQuest and Education

There’s a world of knowledge out there, and it’s fascinating! We’re committed to helping kids learn and grow, whether they’re in school, skating with their families, or attending a FunQuest Birthday Parties and STEM Field Trips. Our helpful staff is full of interesting, unusual facts about the science and history of roller-skating. We help kids from local schools learn about Newton’s Laws, inertia and velocity, cardiovascular health, and which muscles they’re engaging when they strap on a pair of roller-skates. We’re happy to share the wealth of knowledge with your kids. Stop by for our skating sessions or plan an educational field trip with your school. The practical application of their new cardio knowledge will help kids retain the information . . . and call the lesson fun!

Beat the school stress and reboot your kids’ brains at FunQuest!

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