No More Blisters Here!

Roller skating is a ton of fun and great exercise, but it does come with risks. If you’ve ever had a blister, you know how gross and painful they can be! Here are some ways to prevent and treat skate blisters.

october skate saleFirst of all, remember it’s easier to prevent blisters than to treat them. Make sure your skates fit properly. If you need help with fit, ask one of the friendly, professional staff at the FunQuest Skate Shop. We’re offering 20% off roller-skates for National Roller Skating Month in October, so it’s the perfect time to invest in a pair that will fit! It’s best to wear thick socks when you go skating. Your socks should be tall enough to completely cover your ankles and several inches of your calves. If you can’t see your socks over the top of your skate boot, you need longer ones. Never skate barefoot! If you know specific spots on your feet that are prone to blisters, protect them with blister pads or bandages.

Make sure your skates are laced and tied securely and correctly–not only will badly tied skates be uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous if your ankles don’t get enough support. Again, ask one of the FunQuest staff for help if you’re not sure what size you need, if you’re having trouble lacing your skates, or if anything just feels wrong.

If you get a blister despite all your efforts, remember that draining it at home can lead to infection. If you absolutely must drain your blister at home, wash your hands and the blister thoroughly with soap and hot water before and after, and cover it with a sterile bandage.

Remember, any new activity can bring some blisters. Keep skating and your feet will get stronger! Check out all the special events we have at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA for some time to practice!

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