Laser Tag: Exercise of the Future

-When most people think of exercise, they also think boring. But that’s not always true! What we told you there was a way to get exercise while having fun with family and friends in an exciting, indoor venue? At FunQuest, there is: our multi-level laser tag arenalaser tag target

The key to a successful exercise plan is finding activities you enjoy. That can be tough when you’re not into running or weight lifting, but don’t give up. When you’re playing laser tag, you won’t notice how much exercise you’re getting–but you’ll definitely be getting exercise! You’ll run, dodge, climb, jump, and duck behind obstacles. And since our arena has multiple levels, you’ll also have lots of stairs to climb. Before you know it you’ll have raised your heart rate, exercised different muscle groups, and worked up quite a sweat, all while having a blast.

What other games do you play where you are the game? Not only is laser tag good for your body, it’s a unique, immersive experience that’s mentally stimulating. Playing can help develop hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and imaginative brainstorming. It’s basically a high-tech game of hide-and-seek! It’s also painless and safer than similar games like paintball (there are no projectiles in laser tag, and the lasers we use are safe), making it great for all ages.

Get your family and friends together, strap on your safety gear, and get ready for fun: the Galactic Arena in the 22nd Century awaits you! Check out our weekly specials for great discounts on this and all our attractions at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA.

No More Blisters Here!

Roller skating is a ton of fun and great exercise, but it does come with risks. If you’ve ever had a blister, you know how gross and painful they can be! Here are some ways to prevent and treat skate blisters.

october skate saleFirst of all, remember it’s easier to prevent blisters than to treat them. Make sure your skates fit properly. If you need help with fit, ask one of the friendly, professional staff at the FunQuest Skate Shop. We’re offering 20% off roller-skates for National Roller Skating Month in October, so it’s the perfect time to invest in a pair that will fit! It’s best to wear thick socks when you go skating. Your socks should be tall enough to completely cover your ankles and several inches of your calves. If you can’t see your socks over the top of your skate boot, you need longer ones. Never skate barefoot! If you know specific spots on your feet that are prone to blisters, protect them with blister pads or bandages.

Make sure your skates are laced and tied securely and correctly–not only will badly tied skates be uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous if your ankles don’t get enough support. Again, ask one of the FunQuest staff for help if you’re not sure what size you need, if you’re having trouble lacing your skates, or if anything just feels wrong.

If you get a blister despite all your efforts, remember that draining it at home can lead to infection. If you absolutely must drain your blister at home, wash your hands and the blister thoroughly with soap and hot water before and after, and cover it with a sterile bandage.

Remember, any new activity can bring some blisters. Keep skating and your feet will get stronger! Check out all the special events we have at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA for some time to practice!

Unlimited Birthday Packages = Unlimited Fun!

It’s no secret that FunQuest is the Lynchburg birthday party headquarters. But now we’ve made our birthday party packages even better! We’ve just reduced the price on our Unlimited Fun party package

Booking an Unlimited Fun party package means you get unlimited skating for everyone including skate rental, unlimited PlayQuest for kids ages 10 and under, and unlimited laser tag, though the number of games is subject to availability. This incredible package includes two large cheese pizzas, three pitchers of soda, 120 game tokens, a party host to keep everything on track, and all your decorations, invitations, and tableware. 

birthday packagesUnlimited party packages accommodate up to 10 guests including the birthday child and are just $199. Of course, if you book a party for Monday or a Thursday, that price drops even more, to just $169, and the skating rink is less likely to be crowded. Additional guests are just $14 on Monday and Thursday, and $16 the rest of the week. All you have to do is bring the cake and convince your guests to RSVP

If you’re looking to really jazz up your party, check out our upgrades. For an additional cost, you can book an Unlimited Glow Party, a VIP Unlimited Party, or even a VIP Unlimited Glow Party! These packages accommodate up to 20 guests, including the guest of honor. Glow parties are especially popular with young teens, and it’s easy to see why.

Who says children’s birthday parties have to be expensive and stressful? At FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA, we think they should be fun and affordable. Contact us today to book yours!

We Put the FUN in Fundraising

When you think of fundraising, do you immediately start to sweat? Don’t panic–raising money for your school or organization can seem like a huge effort, but at FunQuest in Lynchburg we’ve made it easy!

Here’s how it works: you contact us about your organization’s needs. Together we will settle on a date that works best–fundraising events are available the first Tuesday of every month from 4:00 to 8:30. and then FunQuest will give you 100 tickets for that night. Your organization sells the tickets, which include skating and skate rental, and keeps all of the proceeds! We recommend your organization charge $3 to $4 per ticket, which is a discounted price from regular admission to these events. Make sure families know about the discount they’re getting when they buy through you, and also tell them about our other great attractions (not included in ticket price) like laser tag and PlayQuest. dollar bills

When you host a fundraising event with FunQuest, you don’t have to worry about setting up, cleaning up, decorating, providing food, or anything else. All you have to do is advertise, sell tickets and enjoy your event! We’ll handle the rest. Whether you’re raising money for your school, church, scout troupe, choir, youth group, or anything else, a night of skating at a great price for a great cause practically sells itself. Our friendly, dedicated staff will work with you to make sure your event is profitable, fun, and easy.

Fundraising events are limited at FunQuest, so contact us today and let’s get started planning yours!

Family Fun Night at FunQuest

August is National Family Fun Month! With school starting again and summer vacations behind us, what better time to reconnect with family for these simple, easy ideas for family fun night?

  • Movie Night. Who needs to go out to the movies? Set up a movie theatre at home! Get some candy and make popcorn, turn the lights off, tear tickets at the door, turn off all cell phones, and settle on the couch for a family movie night. Extra creative kids can even put together costumes to match the movie.
  • Volunteer Day. Research non-profit organizations in your area and sign up to volunteer with one. Whether you and your kids want to help clean up a park, plant trees, or make meals for the homeless, a day of giving back to the community will be a great way to bond. family fun
  • Family Fun and Fitness Night. Every Thursday from 4:30 to 8:00, families (one child plus one parent) skate for free at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA! Skate rental, if needed, is $4. This special lasts through August 31st and is a great way to spend time together and get some exercise. Check out our other specials as well!
  • Individual Kid Night. Especially in big families, it can be hard to focus on each individual. Plan a couple of special nights for parents to spend with just one child. This doesn’t have to be fancy–even a simple dinner can feel special when it’s just with mom and dad!

Remember, all that’s really needed for a family fun night are two things: your family, and a desire to have fun. FunQuest in Lynchburg is a safe, clean, affordable place for your family to enjoy being together. Put your thinking cap on and let us know your favorite activities to do with your family!

Kids Skate Free!

It’s the middle of summer, and while school starts soon, there’s still the question of what to do with kids now. Bringing them to FunQuest in Lynchburg for safe, clean fun in our indoor facility is a great start, but even with all our specials it can eat up the budget. That’s why we’re so proud to participate in Kids Skate Free.

When you sign your kids up for Kids Skate Free, you’ll receive a pass for them to skate for free at FunQuest once every week! Your weekly passes are good any day of the week, during the following hours:

4:00 pm – 8:30 pm
10:00 am – 4:00 pmkids skate free
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
12:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Friday and Saturday
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 om – 6:00 PM

Not only that, but every Tuesday each child who uses a Kids Skate Free pass can also play a game of laser tag or enjoy PlayQuest! Skate rental is $4 per person, if needed, and passes may not be used with parties or group events. Children need to be accompanied by a parent (non-skating parents are admitted free). Please remember that the times we accept passes are subject to change.  

Tearing kids away from video games and TV can be tricky, especially when it’s summer and the temperatures are climbing. With Kids Skate Free, parents have a great way to get kids up and moving every week, and at a truly unbeatable price.

If you have questions about this program, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, get your kids signed up and we’ll see you at FunQuest!

Summer Fun in the Shade

With the 4th of July over, you may think that summer fun is winding down. That’s definitely not the case at FunQuest Family Entertainment Center in Lynchburg! Check out our great summer specials and keep the fun going all season!

Now through August 27th, skating admission is just 99 cents per person on Saturdays and Sundays! Skate rental, if needed, is $4 per person. Skating for under a dollar means extra cash for snacks at the concession stand, arcade games, and other attractionsMonday Madness Special

Looking for an all-inclusive package? The Unlimited Fun Summer Special is for you. For just $13.50 per person on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, get skate rental, unlimited skating, unlimited laser tag games, and access to the playground for kids 10 and younger. The Unlimited Fun Summer Special is available from open to close! For weekday fun, on Monday and Thursday the Unlimited Fun Pack is just $9 per person from 4:00 to 8:30 pm.

Are you looking for a way for the entire family to get together on Monday night? If the Unlimited Fun Pack looks like something you and yours would enjoy but you just want a little more value, check out the Unlimited Family Fun Pack! The Unlimited Family Fun Pack is just $49.99, includes up to five Unlimited Fun Packs, plus 20 game tokens, a large cheese pizza, and a pitcher of soda. Additional people can be added to this incredible deal for just $8. Remember, at least one parent or guardian must be present to get this deal.

We’ve just gotten started having summer adventures at FunQuest. Check us out on Facebook for more great deals!

Free Family Fitness and Fun Night

Looking for an affordable, fun way to encourage your family to exercise? Look no more! FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA is pleased to introduce the Free Family Fitness and Fun Night!

free family fitness and fun nightEvery Thursday night from May 4th until August 31st, skating admission is free for families from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Skate rental costs $4 per person and is not included. Feel free to bring your own skates! Remember that at least one child and parent must be present to receive this deal. Looking for more ways to enjoy active? For just $7 per person, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Fun Admission, which includes skate rental, unlimited skating, unlimited laser tag in our exciting, multi-level Galactic Arena, and unlimited time in the playground for children ages 10 and under.  

Roller skating is a great way to have fun while staying active. Kids and parents alike can enjoy it together, regardless of physical ability. Don’t know how to skate? Want to learn to do tricks? No need to worry–we also offer skate lessons! FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA offers a clean, safe, friendly environment for families to spend time together. Families can listen to the great music spun by our DJs, grab a bite to eat at our snack bar, challenge each other to some of our arcade games, and win great prizes in our Stuff Shop.

Free Family Fitness and Fun Night lasts through August 31st. It’s a great way to keep your kids active and engaged during summer break! Come on down to see us next Thursday!

Summer Camp at FunQuest!

Summer is here, and that means summer camp at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA is right around the corner! Spots are filling fast, so hurry and register now. Studies show that kids need more exercise than many of them get. It’s easy to let summer vacation turn into an endless marathon of video games and cartoons. Kids who come to summer camp at FunQuest will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re getting plenty of exercise!

summer camp 2017There are three weeks of camp: June 19-23, July 10-14, and July 24-28th, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. Each week costs $150 per camper, and we offer sibling discounts and a daily rate for drop-in campers only if space is available. However, space is limited, and we strongly advise pre-registration. Extended stay is available after 5:00 for an additional cost.

Campers at FunQuest summer camps will enjoy roller skating, laser tag, Play Quest (for campers under 10), weekly STEM programs, and other fun activities and games every day while in a safe, clean, supervised environment. Camp cost includes game tokens, skate rental and two snacks per day. Campers may bring lunch, purchase the camp lunch special for $3, or purchase any of the other food options at our snack bar. Of course water will be freely available all day long–we expect our campers to work up a thirst with all that roller skating!

Send your kids to FunQuest for camp and you’ll never have to hear that dreaded summer refrain: “I’m bored!” Contact us with any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!


New Unlimited Parties at FunQuest!

You already know that FunQuest in Lynchburg, Virginia is the best place for awesome birthday parties, but we’ve upped the ante by making our party packages even better for the summer! Check out our new party packages in Lynchburg, available May through September!

All our summer party packages are unlimited, which means that you and your guests can take advantage of all the fun that FunQuest has to offer as often as you want. Packages start at just $169 for the birthday child and up to nine guests. We will take care of setup and cleaning up, and provide your party with pizza, soda, arcade tokens, free party invitations, FREE paper goods, and a party host to help you out in our private party room. Then you can enjoy unlimited skating, laser tag, and time in our massive indoor playground (for guests under 10). Parents can come free to keep an eye on things, but don’t worry about the mess–we’ll handle that!

Skating parties make for great birthdays. Add all the other fun things there are to do at FunQuest, and you have a recipe for awesomeness! Guests can get as much exercise and make as much noise as they want, and parents can relax knowing the logistics are all taken care of. All you need to worry about is the cake, the guest list, and the fun your guests and your birthday child will be having!

Availability is limited, so contact us today to start planning your child’s best birthday party ever!

Unlimited Parties available May through September