The Olympics & Roller Skating

Last June, it was announced that roller sports were among the eight contenders vying for a spot as a new event in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. This was exciting news considering ice skating has dominated the attention of fans for as long as many of us can remember. If you know about FunQuest, then you are no stranger to the world of roller skating, but the world of roller sports may be a little foreign to you. So, what is it? Roller sports are governed by the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS), and include (but not limited to) roller hockey, roller figure skating, speed skating and roller derby. olympics

In order to fully understand all that roller sports encompasses, we need to explore each of its disciplines.

What are these disciplines?

  • Rink and inline hockey – This type of hockey follows many of the same ideas as ice hockey, just on roller skates.
  • Roller figure skating – This is very similar to traditional figure skating on ice. It has the same premise; individuals, or teams, compete in a show of artistic dance and choreographed displays of skill. Judges then score you based on form, neatness and creativity.
  • Speed skating – Like the name says, the name of the game here is to be the fastest skater.
  • Roller derby – This is a contact sport in which two teams consisting of five members skate around a track in the same direction. Matches are won by having a designated “jammer” lap members of the other team. The other 4 members of each team attempt to hinder each others jammer in the process.

As the 2016 Olympic games began in Rio, we were upset to hear CNN report that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced they will be adding five new sports to the 2020 Olympic games but roller sports wasn’t one of them.

What do you think? Should roller sports be an Olympic sport?

Healthy Habits = Happy Life

From the moment you walk through the doors of FunQuest Family Entertainment Center, one thing is very apparent. The energy in the building is fun, energetic, and full of excitement! It’s no secret that FunQuest is a fun destination for kids to enjoy a special birthday or come play with friends, but it is also a great way for them to develop their social, physical, and mental skills. Healthy habits start at a young age. Teaching kids to include regular exercise in their daily routines is beneficial for them not only physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally as well. funquest

Health Benefits

When the days get warmer, the idea of playing outside is less appealing than staying comfortable in an air-conditioned house. The time spent playing outside decreases, while time spent inside in front of a screen increases. Don’t compromise your child’s playtime with screen time, bring the them to FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA where they are free to be wild in our entertainment center. Our roller skating rink is a great alternative to traditional cardiovascular exercises and helps to promote healthy practices for the future.

Expand your child’s social network

We host families from all over the local area, allowing your children to play and interact with others in their community. Build new relationships or spend time with old friends; playdates at FunQuest are the perfect way for your kids to visit with friends from school, while you catch up with the other moms. Whether you are new to the area, are a first time visitor or visit on a regular basis, we encourage all of our families to socialize and engage with one another.

Brain Power

Studies show that partaking in regular physical activity is a great way for kids to boost their brain’s cognitive functions. Skating, playing and laughing release endorphins that can help to relieve stress and help improve their focus and energy levels throughout the day.

Take a look at our schedule and join us!

Do Not Miss Events at FunQuest

Mark your calendars: These are FunQuest’s can’t-miss events in Summer.

What a wonderful time to live in Lynchburg, VA! There is something to do nearly every day. Do not miss these upcoming events at FunQuest Family Entertainment Center!

Plan a STEM Field Trip!

Planning a STEM field trip to FunQuest doesn’t just give your students an opportunity to have a great time, but it can prepare them for their future. According to, by 2018, there will be more than 8.6 million STEM-related jobs available. Currently, there are not enough trained workers to meet this growing demand. This is why many schools are taking steps to show students just how fun and exciting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics really are. STEM at FunQuest

FunQuest’s STEM field trips are a great way to combine STEM learning with real-life applications, in a fun and exciting way. Each field trip includes one hour of STEM learning and at least two hours of real-life fun out on the roller rink or in the PlayQuest center, where students can put what they learned into action. Kids can learn about everything from friction to the path of sound to geometry, and so much more. All STEM education programs are taught by professional educators both in a classroom setting and out on the roller rink.

STEM learning programs are available for every age group from kindergarten up to 12th grade. There are several STEM lesson options to choose from, which allow teachers to select the program that best ties into their classroom lessons:

  • The Science of Roller Skating
  • Music, Math and Roller Skating
  • Motion and Rink Design
  • Super Sound: Acoustics and Rink Design
  • Heart, Health and Fitness
  • Engineering Magic and Lighting
  • Formulas, Fractions, and Fun

FunQuest, located in Lynchburg, VA, makes it easy for schools to plan a STEM field trip, by offering a variety of packages that include a STEM lesson and a combination of play at the Roller Rink, PlayQuest (for student 10 years old and younger), and/or laser tag. Make your next field trip a hit, by planning it at FunQuest!

It Never Rains on FunQuest Fun

Days spent inside no longer have to be boring! Whether you are looking for a fun place to bring the kids or a new and interesting place you can go with your friends, our guide to Virginia’s best rainy day activities is sure to satisfy your needs!rain happy at funquest

Roller Skating

Kids of all ages (and grown ups too) will love skating on the hardwood maple floor at FunQuest. Don’t know how to roller skate? FunQuest has a learn to skate program for skaters of all ages and abilities.

Arcade Games

Have fun playing the latest and greatest games in our arcade where you will win tickets to buy prizes in The Stuff Shop. Our Stuff Shop redemption center offers a huge selection of toys and prizes for all ages. Try your luck at skee-ball or challenge a friend to a game of basketball… whatever you choose, you will have a great time!

Laser Tag

Kids of all ages will have a blast in our new bigger multi-level arena. We are Lynchburg’s largest indoor galactic arena. Our facility is equipped with state of the art sound, obstacles, and laser equipment. There are no video screens, or joy sticks…You wear the equipment!  You are the game!

Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party? FunQuest has roller skating party packages that make party planning a breeze. Never worry about the weather this summer. You can always count on FunQuest to have a weather proofed event! Private parties and group rates are also available.

Free Skating Opportunities at FunQuest

Believe it or not — You and your family can skate for free every Thursday through August AND receive 2 free roller skating passes each week to FunQuest Family Entertainment in Lynchburg, VA!

Here’s how:

1. Family Fun & Fitness Family Fun & Fitness 5.16

FunQuest wants to provide free Fun & Fitness for the whole family. So every Thursday through August, you and your family can visit our facility and roller skate for free. If you want to upgrade to an Unlimited Fun Pack, it is only $7. Please note: One parent must be in attendance in order to get the free skating offer.

2.Kids Skate Free

We are a proud partner of Kids Skate Free. And Kids Skate Free is an incredible program that encourages young children to get up, get moving and living out an active lifestyle. Please follow the following instructions to sign up for free skating passes.

  1. Visit the Kids Skate Free site.Kids Skate FREE
  2. Click the green button that says ‘Join this Skating Center’ and sign up!
  3.  Once you have signed up, passes will be emailed to you on Sunday evenings.
  4. Print them off and bring them when you come to skate the following week!

Please keep in mind, this is only valid for children 10 years old and younger. Skate Rental is $4.00 extra. Can not be combined with any other offer. Can not be used towards group rates or birthday parties.

Our Goal at FunQuest

At FunQuest, one of our goals is to encourage kids to get active. And we feel by providing families with multiple opportunities to skate each week for free instills an active lifestyle.

Roller skating is an incredible activity that is fun and healthy. It is recommended by the Center for Disease Control for kids to get 1 hour of exercise or physical activity per day. And we can’t think of a better way to get their heart rate and burn those calories than lacing up their skates and doing laps around our rink.


Welcome to Class: Skating 101

Have you visited our FunQuest lately? If not we would love for you to roll on over for a visit! However, if ‘rolling’ is part of the problem, here are some helpful tips for those learning to roller skate for the first time:roller skate


While skating is about balance, new skaters may need a little extra support from an experienced skater. To help a child, an adult should walk next to them and allow their index finger to be grasped as support with a relaxed arm. By not allowing a whole hand grasp, the child can learn to balance while feeling safe; likewise the adult can still switch to a full hand grasp if the child begins to fall. Experienced skaters can help novice adults while skating with them, by grasping their upper arm and opposite hand for steadying balance.


Falling is bound to happen when you are learning to roller skate, there is really no getting around it. If you fall (crash), take a breath (stop) and get back up (pop)! Don’t give up if you fall once or several times! Falling is just part of the learning process. To fall as safe as possible, either crouch down and forward with your weight in the front, or fall to the side by bending the knees downward as much as you can and plop over. Please try to avoid the out of control backwards air kick at all costs!

Practice March

Get a feel for your skates by practicing marching in place. When you feel comfortable with that, align your skates in a “V” shape (heels in, toes out). Then take small marching steps across the floor. This practice shows how regular walking will not work with skates, but you can move forward with the skates at an angle.

Ready to Roll

Now it’s time to get moving, at least a little bit. Practice propelling yourself forward and then just roll. Enjoy the small bursts of speed and get the feel for your skates even more. You’ll be speeding around in no time!

Roller Skate with your Group

If you are looking for a venue for your next group event or meeting, consider booking your group at FunQuest in Lynchburg, VA. At FunQuest, we have accommodated all types of groups including Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, sports teams, workplaces, churches, schools and many more!

Ideas for Groups at FunQuest:

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

If you’re part of one of these organizations, why not plan a fun skating party and fundraiser to help your cause? Our fundraising events can help you reach out to the public for donations and may help you to earn some new patches or badges!

Sports Teams

Is your team looking to simply have a fun gathering? We’ve got you covered there too, just sign up for a group skating party and let loose! Group gatherings at FunQuest


Has your boss tasked you with finding the perfect place for your next team building event? Why not try teambuilding on rollerskates? Studies have shown that teambuilding proves more effective when coworkers are placed in fun, non-stressful venues, outside of the office. Plus skating can offer much-needed exercise if you’re used to sitting at a desk all day!


A group roller skating event is a great opportunity for those who typically only meet at church or at school to come together and hang out in an exciting, family-friendly  environment.

These are just a few ideas for how FunQuest can turn your group gathering into a memorable event! For more information and pricing for group bookings, please call us at 434-239-6411.

Spend Spring Break 2016 at FunQuest

Spring Break 2016 is only a week away, but it will be here before you know it – and your kids will need something to do. Fortunately, for parents looking for Spring activities near Lynchburg, VA, we’ve got the perfect solution: Spring Break at FunQuest Family Entertainment March 26 – April 2, 2016! Spring Break Madness 2016

Read on for 3 great reasons to join us this Spring Break:

Reason #1: Without planned activities, your child may rely on their favorite electronic device and the couch.

Let’s face it, kids (and even adults) sometimes need a little motivation to do something other than watch Netflix, surf the internet, or play video games. It’s not that they want to waste the week away, it’s just the easiest thing to do. Planning some activities during the break will give your child something to look forward to. Plus, everything is better in moderation- splitting time between structured activities and Spring Break laziness will make both more enjoyable!

Reason #2: It’s best for everyone (including you Mom & Dad!).

Parents: We love our kids, but they can drive us a little bit crazy, too. Having the kids at home all week is fun at first, but it can quickly become a challenge when you need to run errands or get some work done.

Reason #3: It’s loads of fun!

Spring Break activity for kids near Lynchburg, VA combining fun, physical activity, and socialization to ensure your kids have the time of their lives! We’ve got it all here at FunQuest, and we hope you and your child will be here for all the fun.

Win an Unlimited Laser Tag Pack!

Tag, you’re out!

We take Laser Tag seriously at FunQuest! And as of February 18th, we installed a brand new Laser Tag system. This system is the most advanced laser tag system on the market. We now have new game formats like Oddball, Domination, King of the Hill, and Progressive Elimination.

FQLasertagWinBoost (1)

Since we have a brand new system in place, we want you and your family and friends to come try it out. And what better way to do that then by winning a FREE Unlimited Laser Tag Pack?!

Yes! We are giving away 4 Unlimited Laser Tag Packs! Yes! 4 people will win an Unlimited Laser Tag Packs! Our unlimited packs include admission and unlimited Laser Tag. Follow these instructions below to be entered to win:

  1. Go to the FunQuest Family Entertainment Center’s Facebook page
  2. Like, share and comment on why you’d like to win on our contest image

The contest will begin Thursday, March 10, 2016 and end Thursday, March 24, 2016 and the winner will be announced Friday, March 25, 2016. 

Best of luck to you!