Book your Child’s Birthday Party ONLINE!

Planning your child’s birthday party should be a piece of cake. FunQuest birthday parties are perfect for kids of all ages. With roller skating, laser tag, Play Quest and arcade games, there’s something for everyone. And now, with our online booking system, planning your child’s birthday party really is a piece of cake!birthday-party-300x300

Book On Your Schedule

We know how it goes. You want to book your child’s birthday party at FunQuest but you get busy. The time slips past you. And when your children are finally tucked away in their beds at night, and you glance at the clock and realize it’s after FunQuest’s hours of operation. What now?

Well, don’t panic! Why? Because we have now made it possible for you to book your child’s birthday party online*, 24/7, 365.  We get it – you are busy! We know how busy life can get, and you shouldn’t be penalized for not working around our schedule.

Check out our most popular birthday party packages!

Book today and we’ll do the work while they’ll have a blast. Have a question regarding our online booking or birthday party packages? Give us a call at 434-239-6411.

*Please note that all online bookings must be made at least one week prior to party date. After booking, a FunQuest party specialist will contact you within 24 hours after booking to confirm your party details.

Have the Best Birthday Party – Ever!

There’s no better place for a Lynchburg birthday party than FunQuest Family Entertainment Center. We’ve been a trusted private party venue for decades, hosting parties for kids, toddlers, and adults looking for good, clean fun. Learn more about our Fun Party Package, VIP Party Package, Ultimate Glow Package, and our Ultimate Fun Package on our birthday party pagestreamer-613230_1920

FunQuest Birthdays

Unlike many Lynchburg party venues, FunQuest cares more about your party than making a profit. We offer a full concession stand with pizza, nachos, healthy snacks, and drinks. Feel free to bring in your own cake, cupcakes, and goody bags for the party.

Once the party begins, we’ll assign a FunQuest team member to attend to all your birthday needs. That includes organizing birthday presents, serving pizza and cake, and cleaning up the room so the birthday crew can focus on having fun!

Schedule Your Birthday Party

When a birthday’s on the way, you don’t want to waste days on the phone trying to coordinate venues, snacks, and entertainment. FunQuest wants to make the party planning process as painless as possible. Book your birthday party in a flash with our online party booking. Planning a last minute bash? Don’t see the party time you want? Have a special request to coordinate with FunQuest? Call us today to discuss your needs.

Ignite Passion with Science & Math Field Trips

FunQuest Family Entertainment Center wants to encourage children in the Lynchburg area to investigate their passions for science and math! Learn more about encouraging kids to value innovation and education with STEM field trips for Lynchburg schoolsPublication53

STEM Education for Kids

STEM disciplines are an integral part of all of kids’ favorite activities. By showing them how things like eating, creating, and roller-skating tie into science, technology, engineering, and math, we can engage their minds and encourage kids’ passion for learning. FunQuest partners with Lynchburg teachers to show kids real world applications of the concepts they learn in the classroom. We have multiple lesson plans to choose from, giving teachers a chance to tie-in daily education with a fun lesson that will make it stick. After all, there’s nothing better than getting kids excited about learning!

STEM Field Trips

Book a STEM field trip for students of any age. FunQuest has a variety of lesson plans tailored to different disciplines and age groups that teach kids about:

  • The science of roller skating (friction, geometry, area, and perimeter)
  • Motion and rink design (force/friction, diameter/circumference)
  • Music, math, and skating (beats per minute, frequency, and speed)
  • Acoustics and rink design (sound system design, frequency, path of sound)
  • Engineering magic and lighting (types of light, lighting design)
  • Physical fitness (1 hour of STEM education and 2 hours of fitness through roller-skating!)

Transform the way your students see STEM. Get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and math with a STEM field trip at FunQuest.

Out of School Event: MLK Skate

Lynchburg City Schools are closed and FunQuest Family Entertainment Center is open! We are excited to announce Unlimited Fun for our MLK Skate on Monday, January 18th from 10:00am – 8:30pm. The day will be filled with unlimited fun activities that the entire family can enjoy. Here are the details: MLK 2016

  • Unlimited Skating
  • Unlimited Skate Rental
  • Unlimited PlayQuest
  • Unlimited Games of Laser Tag

Now you are probably thinking “how much will all of that unlimited fun cost me?!” Believe it or not, it is a very affordable $12.50 for all day unlimited fun! Do you only want to come from 4:00pm to 8:30pm, then unlimited fun is an even more affordable cost of $8.50.

Start the year off right – don’t be at home on this day off from school. Instead, join us and your friends for a fun-filled day at FunQuest!

Have questions or want to bring a large group? Give us a call at 434-239-6411.


Spend the Holidays at FunQuest

12 Days of Christmas 12.14Can you believe the holidays are already here? With the kids out of school it can be difficult to find a fun way to entertain the entire family. It can be especially hard to get the kids to turn off their phones, tablets or computers and do something active. Today children spend more time than ever plugged into media devices instead of participating in active play. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates children today spend an average of 75 hours per week on their phone, computer or watching TV. With the number of hours children spend sedentary on the rise it’s more important than ever to get your kids moving!

You’re invited to bring everyone to FunQuest! We have a wide variety of attractions that will keep your family active and entertained including roller skating, laser tag, playquest (our indoor playground) and an arcade. Did your kids win a ton of tickets in the arcade? Then let them redeem their tickets in The Stuff Shop afterwards. We have great prizes and gifts for all!

We have made visiting FunQuest with your family easier than ever with our upcoming specials and events. Visit us any day from December 21 until January 1 and you will have unlimited fun! For only $12.50 per person, our unlimited fun package includes unlimited skating, laser tag and playquest. It also includes your skate rentals. You can also ring in 2016 with us at! We are hosting two parties on December 31 – our Almost New Year’s Eve Party from 12:00pm-5pm and our Late Night New Year’s Eve Party from 7:30pm-1am.

With so many fun attractions, great deals and upcoming events there is no better time to visit FunQuest than now!

12 Days of Christmas at FunQuest

12 Days of Christmas 12.14The holidays are a time to spend together with family and friends, but when you have a large family the thought of going out can seem expensive. Don’t let your tight budget hold you back from making memories with your loved ones. Instead join us at FunQuest as we celebrate our 12 Days of Christmas Specials! Beginning on Sunday, December 13, we will share daily promotions and discounts to be used at FunQuest.

Join us for free unlimited fun, free food, 20% off skates and a new special each day. Our family friendly daily promotions will go light on your wallet while guaranteeing a fun time is had by your entire family.

Specials are shared on our website so be sure to check back each day to see what fun your family and friends could have at FunQuest!

12 Days of Christmas border

FunQuest Helps Families Stay Active and Healthy

FunQuest 12.9The temperature is dropping and the daylight is fading. You guessed it – winter is here! You may find yourself wondering how to keep your family active during the winter months… especially when it can be so easy to lounge inside where it’s warm and cozy. But maintaining a consistently active lifestyle is crucial for your family’s health. According to the Centers for Disease Control regular physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your health. It strengthens bones and muscles which will help your family stay healthy. That’s where FunQuest can help! We are the #1 place in Lynchburg, Virginia to bring the entire family for active, fun-filled entertainment.

Here are a few ways you can keep your family active at FunQuest this winter:

May the force be with you: Divide your family into teams and hit our galactic themed laser tag course for a friendly and active competition.

Skate your way through the cold temps: Are you a beginner or an expert? No matter – our roller skate rink is fun for all ages and all experience levels. Skating is so fun you don’t even realize what great exercise it is!

Don’t forget food: After the family has worked up an appetite, visit our FunQuest cafe to share a delicious pizza and make even more memories your family will cherish for years to come.

When it comes to staying active and having fun together FunQuest is your one-stop-shop to a wholesome family experience!

Learn to Skate with Confidence

Roller skating is one of the best ways to spend quality time with friends and family, but what if you’ve never skated before? No problem. We offer skating lessons to any one who is interested in learning to skate! Here are a few of the best tips from our instructors for beginner skaters. retro-952363_1280 (2)

  • Before moving forward, master standing still. It may seem basic but once you have mastered your stance, you’ll be all set when it comes time to get rolling. On carpet, try standing with your feet set wide apart and your arms out. This will help you feel controlled and balanced. Try to keep a slight bend in your knees, too.
  • Walk before you roll. Once you feel confident standing still and stopping, take small steps around the rink until you feel confident enough to start gliding and eventually, rolling!
  • If you feel like you might fall, try not to flail your arms, this will cause you to fall! Keep your knees bent, and your arms out in order to keep your balance when you think  might fall down.

Now it’s time to put what you have learned into action! Now go on — give it a try!

Upcoming: Our Holiday Hours!

We’re excited to say that we’ve got several family fun events for you and your family coming up in December and January!

2015 Christmas Break

Nothing takes the edge off a stressful holiday season like coming together and having a good time. Taking advantage of one of FunQuest’s family-friendly events is one of the best ways to make that happen!

Birthdays on a Budget

FunQuest Family Entertainment Center is the best venue in Lynchburg, VA to hold your next birthday party! Why? Because it’s birthday party planning made easy! Even if you have a strict party budget, FunQuest can help you make the most of your birthday party with the following tips about planning birthdays on a budget.

8 Tips for Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget:

  1. Advanced Planning – When planning your event, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to do so in advance. Last minute plans generally cost more, just because you’re rushed to get things and don’t have time to bargain hunt for coupons or deals.
  2. Go Digital – Ditch the paper invites and go digital with electronic invites from a free site like Evite. While paper invites are nice, they are an unnecessary addition when working on a budget.
  3. Discount Stores – If you decide to make a goodie bag or need some themed decor for your party, check out your local thrift stores or dollar stores. You can stock up on a number of items without breaking the bank for your birthday party.
  4. Food – Sometimes you can avoid costly food and drink items by scheduling your party at odd times, i.e. not at lunch or dinner. If you must provide food, purchase it at bulk food stores like Costco. FunQuest provides food and drinks in all of our party packages; just another reason to book with us!
  5. Delegate – Delegate some party tasks to those you know to save money. Do you have a friend who is good at magic tricks or making balloon animals? Ask them to help! Don’t hire out when you know people who can help you.
  6. Baking – Have you ever noticed how homemade cakes can taste just as amazing as the store bought ones? Well, that’s because they are just as yummy, plus they are loads cheaper! Bake your own birthday treats to save some money. If you’re not good at baking refer to tip #5…find someone you know who is!

Let FunQuest take care of planning your next birthday party! We have the most awesome birthday party options in Lynchburg! Contact us today for more information about our birthday party packages.